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1. Exhibitor’s entries will be accepted for registration at the Exhibit Building on Friday from 12:00 – 4:00 and on

Saturday before the fair, from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.


No other entries will be accepted after 4:00 pm on Saturday. Judging will be done on Monday. Cakes will be accepted Monday at 9:00 am.


2. All articles must have been prepared, made or grown by the exhibitor WITHIN THE LAST TWELVE MONTHS.


3. All entires must be registered with the clerks in charge of registration at the Exhibit Building. All exhibits on display must remain in the Exhibit Building throughout the fair week. Articles may be reclaimed by the owner (ticket holder) following the fair on Monday, from 9:00 – 5:00 pm. Any article removed from the Exhibit Building before Monday will forfeit any cash prize awarded to said article.


4. Exhibits will not be accepted by mail or public transportation.


5. Exhibitors must see to the proper delivery of any article or livestock on the grounds and the proper care to the latter, as no charge for transportation of drayage will be paid by the fair.


6. All entries will be numbered and recorded in the book of entry of the proper department. Entry tags will be issued, bearing entry number and exhibit number - tag to be attached to the exhibit and the stub retained by the exhibitor and presented on Monday when the exhibit is called for. These claim checks are your proof that you have entered all your exhibits as required. There will be one set of categories in which there may be a youth and adult entry. The designation “Y” will be added to the letter category for youth.


7. Any and all articles judged by the registrar to be obnoxious or repulsive in character will be forbidden entry, or, if entered without being fully known, shall be removed at once.


8. The right is reserved to place an exhibit in its proper class if it has been incorrectly entered.


9. All entries should be for the first premium of the premium number, under which they are entered, but failing to take the first shall compete for the second, if second is offered, but shall not be awarded more than one premium under the same number.


10. NO ARTICLE OR ANIMAL WILL BE ENTITLED TO SPACE UNTIL THE PROPER ENTRY HAS BEEN MADE. SPACE IS LIMITED. (All entries will be accepted in order of receipt until all available space is filled. In any case, all entries must be received by the date specified under each department and when all space is filled, the management reserves the right to refuse entries even if received before the specified date.


11. The management reserves the right to withhold premiums in any case in which it shall appear to them that the regulations have not been complied with, or that fraud has been practiced and anyone wanting to enter a complaint should do so in writing, not later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday.


12. Should any person misrepresent his exhibit and a premium be awarded upon it, such premium may be withheld by the management.


13 PAYMENT OF PREMIUMS AWARDED - Premiums will be paid by check at the end of the fair week. ALL CHECKS ARE VOID AFTER NOVEMBER


15. INDIVIDUALS ASSUME THE RESPONSIBILITY OF CLAIMING THEIR CHECKS AT THE EXHIBIT BUILDING BETWEEN 9:00 AND 5:00 ON MONDAY, WHEN EXHIBITS ARE PICKED UP. 17 14. Competition is open to all residents of Columbus, Bladen and Brunswick counties and by special permission to other resident of North and South Carolina. All articles shall have been grown, made or prepared by the exhibitor unless otherwise specified in the rules.


15. All articles which are the product of the soil must be entered in the name of the producer. Those showing handiwork or skill must be entered in the name of the one whose skill they represent. Such may be individuals, firms or factories. Failure to comply with this rule will bar the violator from competing for any premiums whatsoever and render him/her and his/her exhibit liable for expulsion from the grounds.


16. When an individual exhibit made from a farm wins first premium, an exhibit of the same kind from the same farm cannot win the second or third premium. Example: a farm is awarded first prize for corn. That same farm cannot win second or third prizes for corn. (Even if in a different name.)


17. Exhibitors may make only one entry in each class. NO EXCEPTIONS.


18. No person will be allowed to see the entries or to have access to the entry book until after the awards have been made.




20. A sweepstakes prize of $100.00 will be awarded to the winner of the most Blue Ribbons, $75.00 for second place, $50.00 for third place and $25.00 for fourth place.


21. No exhibitors will be permitted inside the Exhibit Building during the judging and until the judging is completed.


22. The standard system of awarding will be used with Blue, Red, and White ribbons presented in each Department.


23. Entries will be accepted of articles not listed in the premium list when, in the opinion of the registering official, such articles represent distinct classes suitable for exhibit within one of the departments of the fair. The fair reserves the right to reject any entry not considered suitable, whether of a class or not.


24. If available, space will be allotted for the exhibition of articles other than those listed in this catalog and if considered worthy for exhibition. All general rules apply. Ribbons may be awarded where merited, but these ribbons will not be considered in competition for “Most Blue Ribbons Won” in Adult or Youth Division.

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